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Emergency Planning

About Emergency Planning

NHS Emergency Planning aims to take account of all reasonable contingency measures to ensure a response to any accident, natural disaster or hostile act posing any threat to the health of the community or in the provision of services. 

It is practicable therefore to adopt an “All Hazards” approach, providing one framework for response, with in-built flexibility to meet any increase in the scale or duration of a crisis. 

Most people think of incidents as the conventional ‘big-bang’ major incidents, eg transport accidents or explosions, but these are only part of the range of events that could have a substantial impact on the health of the public or health services. 

For more comprehensive information on definitions, and business continuity planning
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Details of our policies and planning documents are available by clicking on the relevant heading on the right-hand side of this page.

A copy of the emergency planning strategy is available here

If you have any questions about Emergency Planning or Business Continuity issues, please contact Malcolm Parker, the Head of Emergency Planning, who is based at Moseley Hall Hospital.

Tel: 0121 466 7269

Email: malcolm.parker@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk


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Emergency Planning

Malcom Parker
(Head of Emergency Planning)

Tel: 0121 466 7269