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Meet the Team

Frances Colley (Associate Director of Nursing)

Role & Responsibilities:

Frances became the Associate Director of Nursing in December 2008, having previously been the Head of Directorate Services in the Adults and Communities Division.

The role includes provision of professional and clinical leadership, improving the quality of care across the organisation and taking the lead on the Safeguarding (vulnerable adults and children) and Non Medical prescribing agendas.

Frances did her general nurse training at Selly Oak Hospital and worked in vascular surgery before moving to specialise in Older People’s services in Birmingham.  She has worked in acute, rehabilitation and continuing care settings in both clinical and managerial roles.

Base:  Moseley Hall Hospital

Tel. No:  0121 442 3540

Mobile:  07545 421399

Email:  Frances.Colley@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk


  • Clare Edwards – Lead Nurse Safeguarding Vulnerable Children

  • Anne McGarry – Lead Nurse Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Lisa Eden (Associate Director of Therapies)

Role & Responsibilities:

Lisa became the Associate Director of Therapies in October 2008.

The role includes provision of professional and clinical leadership for all Allied Health Professionals, improving the quality of care across the organisation and taking the lead on the Fundamentals of Care agenda.

Lisa is a registered Physiotherapist, specialising in Neurology and has working as a senior Physiotherapist and AHP manager in both Older People’s services and in the Rehabilitation Directorate. 

Base:  Priestley Wharf

Tel. No:  0121 466 7126

Mobile:  07958 045186

Email:  Lisa.Eden@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk


  • Wendy Baker - Directorate Support Manager

  • Gareth Edwards - Acting Trust Bank and Agency Manager

  • Chris Hand - Library Services Manager (managed on behalf of the Medical Director)

  • Paul Hateley - Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control (managed on behalf of the Medical Director)

  • Jane Hill - KSF and Clinical Supervision Facilitator

  • Kim Hudson - Productive Ward Project Lead

  • Chris Wood - Trust Bank and Agency Manager (currently on secondment)


Wendy Baker (Directorate Support Manager/Communications Lead)

Role & Responsibilities:

Wendy is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Directorate administration and secretarial function/staff, ensuring effective administration support is provided to the management team.

Wendy undertakes project work as directed by the Associate Directors and is the Communications Lead for Nursing & Therapies.

Base:  Priestley Wharf

Tel. No:  0121 466 7130

Email:  Wendy.Baker@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk


  • Sue Collis - Secretary to Associate Directors of Nursing & Therapies

  • Lucy Malinverno – Secretary to Lead Nurse Safeguarding Adults & Safeguarding Team

  • Jodie Parsons – Secretary to Lead Nurse Safeguarding Children & Safeguarding Team

  • Katrina Yates – Secretary to Head of Professional Development & Professional Development Team

  • Vacant – Administration Assistant to Nursing & Therapies Team

Clinical Governance

Colin Graham (Head of Clinical Governance)

Role & Responsibilities: 

The Head of Clinical Governance is responsible for enabling the Organisation to effectively deliver its Clinical Governance Strategy and Quality Agenda, in line with Government legislation, policy, regulatory and Department of Health requirements.

The key functions of the role include:

Development and implementation of strategy, policies and systems in the pursuit of high quality, safe and effective clinical services.

Interpretation of national and local policies for translation into Organisational policy, standards and objectives.

Deputising for the Executive Director of Nursing & Therapies on matters relating to governance, patient safety, clinical risk and clinical effectiveness.

Ensuring Organisational compliance with national clinical standards, guidelines and recommendations.

Supporting and providing advice and leadership at all levels of the Organisation on all matters relating to Clinical Governance and patient safety.

VIew the Clinical Governance Area

Base:  Priestley Wharf

Tel. No: 0121 466 7060

Email:  colin.graham@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk

Clinical Library

Chris Hand (Library Services Manager)

Roles & Responsibilities:

An efficient, effective, multi-disciplinary, high quality, needs based service giving access to health sciences, nursing and other related information. The service supports the professional development, education and research activities within the Trust and is founded upon the principles of clinical governance and evidence based practice. Our facilities include book loans, journal stock, article requests, literature searches, training and laptop loans. Members also have access to the internet, MS office and printers via our Electronic Library computer suite.

View the Clinical Library Area

Base:  Moseley Hall Hospital

Tel. No:  0121 466 6283

Email:  library@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk


  • Lesley Huss - Librarian

  • Kate Jones - Library Skills Trainer

  • Michael Webb - Library Assistant

Patient Experience

Alison Last (Head of Patient Experience)

Role & Responsibilities: 

Alison leads the strategic direction of the Patient Experience Team and supports the organisation and its staff to ensure service users, patients, carers, and patients and the public have a voice and make a difference in how services are delivered.

View the Patient Experience area

Base:  Priestley Wharf

Tel. No:  0121 466 7128

Mobile:  07595 089662

Email:  Alison.Last@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk

Liza Walsh - Associate Director of Nursing / Professional Education 0121 466 7125


Lynne Laine - Associate Director of Safeguarding 0121 466 7124

Role & Responsibilities:

Lynne is the Associate Director of Safeguarding and provides strategic leadership for both the adult and children safeguarding teams. Lynne is the CQC outcome 7 lead and is Associate Director link for the Children and Families Divison.

Lynne is a Registered Nurse and Health Visitor and has worked in Birmingham since 2002. Lynne has a strong community nursing background, with a particular interest in children’s services and has worked in health visiting, district nursing and school nursing. Lynne was a nurse consultant in public health for 6 years.

Base:  Priestley Wharf

Tel. No:  0121 466 7124

Mobile:  07814578421

Email:  lynne.laine@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Anne McGarry (Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Lead Nurse)

Role & Responsibilities: 

View the Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults area

Base:  Priestley Wharf

Tel. No:  0121 466 7112

Email:  Anne.McGarry@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk


  • Val Connolly - Named Nurse for Dignity

  • Jill Main - Named Nurse for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

  • Lucy Malinverno - Administration Assistant

  • Margaret McKeever - Named Nurse for Mental Capacity

  • Penny Tomkins - Named Nurse for Safeguarding in the Community

Safeguarding Children

Clare Edwards (Lead Nurse for Safeguarding Children)

Roles & Responsibilities:

 View the Safeguarding Vulnerable Children area

Base:  Priestley Wharf

Tel. No:  0121 466 7092

Mobile:  07973 793635

Email:  Clare.Edwards@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk


  • Sarah

  • Anna

Trust Bank & Agency

Gareth Edwards (Trust Bank & Agency Staffing Manager)

Role & Responsibilities: 

The Trusts Bank & Agency Staffing Department is responsible in ensuring a consistent, cost effective and efficient temporary staffing solution service, which is fully compliant with national and local policy requirements, professional standards and that supports service delivery and high quality patient care on a Trust wide basis. The Trust Bank & Agency Staffing Managers overall responsibility is for the management of the department on behalf of all areas within the Trust.

View the Trust Bank & Agency area

Base:  5th Floor, Waterlinks House, Richard Street, Nechells, Birmingham B7 4AA

Tel. No:  0121 465 8560

Mobile:  07545 507666

Email:  Gareth.Edwards@bhamcommunity.nhs.uk


  • Jenny Gittos – Deputy Trust Bank & Agency Manager