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EDHR approach & mapping

Mainstreaming EDHR: A summary

The Table below outlines the Trusts approach to “mainstreaming Equality Diversity and Human Rights (EDHR), i.e. making sure the commitment to place EDHR at the core of all it does so all its functions are operated free from unfair treatment and actively promote equality, diversity and human rights is fulfilled.









·         Human Rights act 1998

·         Equality Act 2010

·         Certain Employment legislation*

·         Certain Criminal legislation*

Responding to the increasingly diverse population from which the Trust workforce and patients using Trust services will come. E.g. an ageing population.

Obtaining organisational and people benefits from Equality, diversity and human rights promotion. E.g. a workforce reflecting the population it serves will better serve that population.

Equality, diversity and human rights promotion is both an ethical and socially responsible thing to do and contributes to being a transparent and accountable public authority.


NHS Wide




NHS White Paper - Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS 2010, sets out the Government's long-term vision for the future of the NHS.  The vision builds on the core values and principles of the NHS - a comprehensive service, available to all, free at the point of use, based on need, not ability to pay.

NHS Annual Operating Framework: sets out the business and planning arrangements and national priorities for the NHS.

NHS Constitution 2010: Set out in one document details of what staff, patients and the public can expect from the National Health Service. It also explains what you can do to help support the NHS, help it work effectively, and help ensure that its resources are used responsibly.

NHS Equality Delivery System (NHS EDS) 2011: Is a tool designed to help drive up equality performance and embed equality into mainstream NHS business. It has been designed to help NHS organisations, in the current and new NHS structures, to meet: the requirements of the public sector Equality Duty; equality aspects of the NHS Constitution; equality aspects of the NHS Outcomes Framework; equality aspects of CQC's Essential Standards; and equality aspects of the Human Resources Transition Framework.





Trust EDHR Strategy and Implementation Plan: develop, use, govern and review.

Trust Equality Policy:

Trust Dignity At work / Anti bullying and Harassment Policy

·         Trust Belief and Culture Guidance

·         Trust Sexual Orientation Guidance

·         Trust Transgender and Gender Reassignment Guidance

·         Trust Disability and Accessibility Guidance.

·         Trust Recruiting Managers Guidance

·         Other guides may follow.





1. Recruitment and Selection: will be carried out to ensure a fair recruitment experience & under representation is addressed.

2. Performance Development Review (PDR): will be carried out to ensure each Trust staff member has identified work and development objectives including ones relating to equality, diversity and human rights promotion through their performance.

3. Learning and Development (L&D): on equality, diversity and human rights will be provided to Trust Staff. This will have mandatory and recommended components.

4. Performance: will be carried out by Trust staff to fulfil the requirements of their posts (e.g. job description, PDR objectives etc.) and be consistent with equality and human rights law.

5. Equality & Human Rights Analyses (E&HRA): will be carried out on every Trust Function to ensure they have been designed and applied in a manner consistent with equality, diversity and human rights requirements particularly those set out in the Equality act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

6. Diversity Monitoring: will be carried out on the workforce and those using Trust services to determine if action is necessary to deal with any identified patterns and trends reflective of protected characteristics.

7. Engagement: will be routinely carried out on the workforce and those using Trust services to gain their feedback or involvement on Trust activity. The key mechanism will be annual staff and patient surveys.

8. Equality Delivery System (EDS) Annual Assessments: will be routinely carried out to determine how well the Trust is performing against 18 outcomes nine of which concern Trust patients and nine concern Trust staff.  This will lead to improvement actions in any areas the analysis reveals require it.

9. EDHR Support: will be routinely available to Trust staff and patients to ensure their rights under the Equality and Human Rights Acts are maintained. This will include access to: Interpreters and Translation; Harassment  officers, Mediators, occupational health, Equality specialist staff  etc.