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BCHC has an excellent history of reducing infection rates and are committed to do everything we can to further improve.  We take infection control extremely seriously and we are working hard to ensure our standards of clinical practice reflect this. It is important to us that our services are maintained to the highest possible environmental and hygiene standards.

While hospital cleanliness does play a part in tackling infection, it is simple and basic personal hygiene that really makes all the difference in both prevention and control of infection. It doesn't matter whether you are a member of staff, a patient or a visitor; hand washing and/or hand decontamination is the single most important measure we can all take to prevent the spread of infection in our hospitals and clinical services

So the next time you visit someone in hospital or have direct patient contact, please remember to wash your hands and decontaminate them properly  - in bedded areas you should use the alcohol based hand gel available from the wall dispenser before you enter the ward.

All staff have a responsibility for maintaining a clean and tidy environment in which patients are cared for.   This is essential in preventing the spread of healthcare-associated infections.

Infection control is everyone's business – please help us to help you.

Further information about infection control and MRSA is available on the Health Protection Agency (HPA) website. Health Protection Agency website

BCHC reports on HCAI areas, published in the IPR found here.

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