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At Birmingham Community Healthcare we employ strict hand washing rules that keep both staff, and patients and their families safe and free from infection.

We pick up bacteria/germs every single time we touch something.  Even when our hands appear to be clean, bacteria/germs will still be present.  However, this is not visible to the naked eye, and in order to see the bacteria/germs, a microscope would need to be used.

  • Hospital infections can be caused by bacteria/germs that already exist on people’s skin before they come into hospital.
  • Infections can also be picked up from bacteria/germs acquired during a patient’s hospital stay.
  • It is important that all staff and patients practice good hand hygiene in order to prevent the spread of infection.

Good hand hygiene plays an essential part in combating the spread of infection.

It is important that we all work together to understand the importance of good hand hygiene.

Always Wash Your Hands!


·      Visiting the toilet,

·       Blowing your nose or coughing

·      When hands are dirty or contaminated

Before and after:

·      Eating or handling food

·      Touching wounds


Alcohol Gel

Alcohol based hand rubs are used as an alternative to hand washing. Alcohol is not a cleaning agent, therefore, visibly soiled hands must be washed prior to use. Alcohol based hand rubs contain an emollient to reduce the drying effects on the skin.


If you wear rings it is important that you wash underneath them

Care of Hands

Care of hands is very important. Always cover cuts with a waterproof plaster.

When you can, apply hand cream as this protects your hands and helps prevent dryness and chapped hands.

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