Better Care

Our values


We will provide a range of services that reach out into the community and meet individual need where everyone counts; celebrating diversity and valuing difference.


John Cave and physio Hari Tippa
We will listen and work with our service users and partners to meet needs and improve health and wellbeing. We will encourage innovation and excellence, celebrating success and learn from experiences.


our values
We will provide safe, effective personalised care to the highest standard, providing information to support service users and their carers to make informed choices.


our values
We will deliver our services with respect, compassion and understanding where people are valued and we will act in their best interest.


our values
Promoting a culture of dignity and respect, we will make morally sound, fair and honest decisions and be openly accountable. We will commit to investing wisely whilst being socially and environmentally responsible.


our values
Through our actions and commitment, we will strive to make a positive difference to people’s lives. We will value our staff, their commitment and the contributions they make.