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Invoicing guidance

We operate a “No Purchase Order, No Payment” approach for payment of invoices.  When goods have been delivered or services provided, the supplier must raise an invoice to the value of what has been supplied (inclusive of VAT where applicable) for the Trust to pay.

All supplier invoices must state a valid and in-date Purchase Order Number (PO Number), sent directly to our invoicing system provider ELFS addressed as listed in the contact details section.

Once the invoice is received, ELFS will scan the invoice so it will appear on the purchase ledger under the correct supplier account and purchase order.  Once received, the Trust endeavours to pay all valid, accurate and undisputed invoices within 28 days of receipt.


Contact Procurement

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
PO Box 17395
B9 9NP

Submit all BCHC invoices / credit notes electronically to