Better Care

Our Procurement Standards

Our Terms and Conditions

As an NHS body, we utilise the national standard Terms and Conditions for goods, services and works (supported by Joint Tribunal Council (JTC) terms as appropriate).  These terms and conditions are applied to all our contracts and are supported with tailored schedules reflective of the nature of the provision.  The standard terms and conditions are available online at

Priorities and Performance

Our Procurement function is also measured against the NHS Procurement Standards programme, to ensure we are performing well and continuing to improve.

Finally, our Procurement function is measured against the Lord Carter of Coles Procurement Metrics as set out in the Unwarranted Variations paper available via request.

Procurement Policies and Procedures

Our Trust Standing Financial Instructions (SFI) provides the local policy which governs our activities.  A copy of our SFIs can be found  in our policy (available on request).

In addition to the SFIs, the Procurement Manual was created by our Team to clearly set out our procedures and processes applicable to all procurement situations.


Lists and Registers

If you wish to find out information relating to the contract we have in place, you can view the online contracts register on our eProcurement Portal  you do not need to register to access this information and you can filter the results to show our listings online.