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Public Governors - East and North Birmingham

Chris Barber

Chris Barber

Chris Barber has a wide range of caring experience, setting up support groups, being involved with care associations and caring for his wife and son full time for many years.

Chris believes that this gives him the skills to actively contribute to the work of Trust governors and is passionate about representing the voice of those with disabilities, or carers. 

Chris is also very interested in seeking the views of patients to ensure that their views are heard, and that the views of individuals are acknowledged and understood.

Sheila Try

Sheila Try

Sheila is passionate and enthusiastic about the NHS following a varied career as nurse, health visitor and community manager in Birmingham.

Since retiring Sheila has continued voluntarily with organisations including The Patients Association and Birmingham Link.  For eight years Sheila was a school governor and at present is serving Magistrate in Birmingham. Most importantly, Sheila has a personal understanding as both a patient and carer which she brings to her new role as Governor.


Joanne Benjamin-Lewis

Joanne Benjamin-Lewis comes to the role of Public Governor for East and North Birmingham with a wealth of personal and professional experience. 

Joanne has been on many different sides of the NHS, from a patient, to a carer and also professionally has experience as a Governor for a local nursery school, teacher and as an Ofsted inspector.

This expertise has given Joanne a thirst for volunteering so that she can utilise this experience for the benefit of others.

Joanne’s passion for the NHS, and to making a difference means that she is well suited to the Governor role and will have lots to offer during her three-year term.

Roger Leek

Roger Leek

Roger has worked in the West Midlands all his life and has been a nurse, a patient and a carer. Sadly, Roger lost his wife to Motor Neurone Disease (MDN), an incurable degenerative disease several years ago. Since then Roger has been an ambassador for people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and many other long term conditions all which share similar issues and concerns for patients, families, friends and carers. Roger got involved with the national MND Association and has been instrumental in establishing groups across the region as well as raising funds across the globe. Further to this, Roger is heavily involved in healthcare research within various bodies and this combined knowledge and experience helped him decide to become a Governor. Roger hopes to be of service to people within the community he represents and will use his experience to be a voice for the people.