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Staff Governors

Jean Dipple

Jean Dipple

Staff: Healthcare Assistant and Support Staff

Jean Dipple, 

Jean is a healthcare assistant and has been in post for 24 years, working as part of an award winning team. Jean provides quality, person centred care to people with a Learning Disability with complex health needs.  In becoming a Governor Jean believes she will have an opportunity to become the eyes, ears and voice of all HCAs.

Jean promises to strive to ensure equitable training, improved communications and career developments are actioned by the Trust.

John Frazer

Staff: other 

John joined Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS FT (BCHC) in 2018 as Trust Health and Safety Manager.  

It is important to him that BCHC staff members are equally represented and their unique needs are met to best enable them to perform their job in a safe environment so that they are empowered within their roles to offer the best service possible to our patients. 

His big belief is that we must strive to do our upmost to provide our staff with the best training, equipment and development opportunities possible.  He believes that having our perceptions challenged is vital to ensure continual improvement of systems, ideology and objectives.  

Carroll Johnson-Chapman

Staff: Medical, Dental & Nursing                             

Awaiting approval


Vicky Danyluk

Staff: Healthcare Assistant and Support Staff

Health Care Assistant Vicky Danyluk has worked for the trust since 2002. Proud of being a finalist in the staff Values In Practice Awards, Vicky has spent the past few years representing the views of HCA colleagues in staff forums and speaking out for support staff. An advocate of BCHC Charity, Vicky ran her heart out in 2018, completing an astonishing 70km in 6 weeks to raise much needed funds. In her election statement Vicky said she will endeavour to ensure all support staff can ROAR with pride, working for BCHC.

Respect for our work and commitment. We are more than just support staff 

Opportunity to access training and development to maintain high standards 

Acknowledgment of our valuable vast workforce 

Resourceful voices that are to be heard 

Lurieteen Miller

Staff: Medical, Dental and Nursing

Lurieteen has been a Registered Nurse for 37 years seeing through many of the organisational changes which have taken place across BCHC, or former versions of the provider trusts in Birmingham. For the past 20 years, she has worked as the Specialist Nurse and manager in Haemoglobinopathy, staying in the role because she loves the job, the patients and the team she works with.  Lurieteen is a true Brummie, passionate about the city as a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities, all unique in their own way.

Keen to take on a new opportunity, and see it through, this is a contribution Lurieteen believes will make a difference to colleagues in her role as a staff Governor.

Shabeena Mughal

Staff: Scientific, Therapeutic and Technical Staff / AHP & Healthcare Scientists

Inspired by Adam Kay's memoir "This is going to hurt", Shabeena shares the author's concerns about the current state of the NHS. 

As a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, Shabeena feels strongly about being able to provide the best patient care possible, while at the same time understanding that this can only be done by staff who feel valued and cared for themselves. 

Shabeena is acutely aware of the mental health crisis gripping our workforce, and would like to use her role as Governor as an ambassador for enhancing how BCHC cares for its staff. Shabeena said: "It is time we made more concerted effort to care for those that work tirelessly caring for others."