Better Care

Holding on to precious memories

Anna O’Neill, nurse on Ward 6 at Moseley Hall Hospital was inspired to implement some of the ideas she had seen whilst attending a recent training course.

Funded by kind donations to BCHC charity one idea was memory boxes for all patients with dementia.

Anna says ‘The boxes will hold special items such as photos, books and trinkets that will help reduce patients anxiety, we can encourage patients to look at the items when we can see they are becoming distressed’.  

The boxes are also extra special as they have been decorated by students at the University of Birmingham.

Louis, chair of community challenge at the university said ‘ Students have really enjoyed getting crafty as well as learning about dementia, we had a great turn out because students want to be able to give back to the community’.

Memory boxes
Olive Jenkins, first patients to receive her memory box from Anna O'Neill Nurse on Ward 6

Anna has also implemented another idea, ‘ Our patients were used to getting the bus to work or to see their children, having an area designed as a bus stop on the ward helps keep patients calm.

They are able to focus on the timetable and maps before staff encourage them to another activity’.

If you would like to know more about BCHC charity and how we support our patients with dementia contact Sarah Binks, Charity Manager

By email or phone 0121 466 7314.