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Stop smoking service taps into a whole new market

Birmingham stop smoking service has tapped into a whole new market to offer shoppers and traders on-the-spot advice and support.

The citywide service has opened a stall in the historic indoor market in its latest innovative attempt to reach new potential 'quitters'.

Advisers are on hand at the stall every Tuesday and Friday between 9am and 1pm.

No appointment is necessary - all you need is a few minutes to sign up and the motivation to give up.

Stop smoking community engagement worker Stephen Pugh said:

"We're trying this out in the market for a few months at least and so far it's gone very well.

"And it's not just the shoppers who have taken up the opportunity to try and quit - quite a few of our fellow market stall-holders are giving it a go as well."

Castle Vale father-of-two Chris Jennings is on the road to kicking a habit that has seen him smoke more than 20 a day on average for more than four decades.

"Having the service right here where we work  has made all the difference," said the 59-year-old, who works in the Mr Fish market stall.

"Whenever I've been tempted I just think about having to come back for my next appointment with the advisors and the feeling that I will have let them down if I've given in to temptation.

"Their advice and support is first class, I'd recommend anyone to give it a go."

Giving up smoking is not easy but with help and support from your stop smoking service, you are up to four times more likely to stop than with will power alone.

For friendly advice and support on how to quit, call 0800 052 5855 free or text 'QUIT' to 80800.

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Market trader Chris Jennings with community engagement workers Stephen Pugh and Farah Younus.