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Armed Forces Community Healthcare Birmingham 

Helping our armed forces community transition into civilian life, Birmingham communities and beyond...    

We are committed to providing a holistic range of services to meet the needs of the diverse population of Birmingham and, in the case of many specialist services, to the wider West Midlands. 

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As part of that mission, a range of bespoke services are provided for the armed forces community and the trust is proactively involved in several initiatives to support military veterans and their families.

The Trust has been recognised as one of nine nationally designated veteran amputee rehabilitation centres in England. Click here for the full story. The Trust aims to become an “armed forces community-friendly Trust” where we are better able to meet the needs of armed forces personnel, veterans, reservists and their families and help them to understand how the NHS can meet their expectations.

Our vision

Our work will support all the Armed Forces Community of Birmingham, in accordance with the Armed Forces Covenant, Armed Forces Corporate Covenant and NHS Constitution. Our overarching vision is:

'To ensure that the armed forces community live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives post service. 

We aim to become the beacon of best practice on how best to support Armed Forces Communities across the UK. 

To demonstrate how high quality, accessible, and seamless health and welfare can be efficiently delivered to support veterans and their families in transition, resettlement and beyond.'

To achieve our vision we will:

Listen to and learn from the views and experiences of our armed forces community in accessing and using our services and those of the wider local health economy.

Ensure our workforce understands the needs and requirements of our armed forces community and delivers care that meets their expectations.

Work in partnership with other NHS providers/commissioners, local government, the voluntary sector and the third sector to deliver packages of health and social care that meets the needs of our armed forces community. 

Our desired state by 2018: 

Public and members of the NHS have an awareness of issues affecting personnel, veterans and families. 

Clear integrated pathways for transitioning Armed Forces personnel into civilian life. 

There is timely identification and referral to the appropriate person, service and place to receive integrated care (including mental health) and support required.

Employers support their employees as reservists throughout their organisations ensuring their health and wellbeing is considered.  


To design and implement new models and pathways to improve access to health and social care and supporting organisations. 

To provide training and education to medical professionals and support workers to recognise where and when additional support is required and the services available to the armed forces community.

To build effective partnerships with external organisations under a unified vision to provide effective and timely support and a seamless transition between services.

Provide a single point of contact for staff and the armed forces community in relation to the services we provide.

Encourage our staff to become reservists and support those staff who are reservists. 

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