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Intermediate Care

For community intermediate care and Intermediate Care Assessment and Treatment Team (ICATT), see rapid response service.
Intermediate Care Units

Each of these sites are rehabilitation facilities which help to prevent avoidable hospital admissions for adults in Birmingham.

Supporting patients with a range of different conditions the sites each work as short-term care facilities,in partnership with the acute hospitals in the city.

Norman Power works with City Hospital and the University Hospital Birmingham (QE); Perry Trees Centre works with Good Hope Hospital and Ann Marie Howes works with Heartlands Hospital.

Individuals who are well enough to leave hospital, but not well enough to return home, or who have complex assessment needs may be eligible for a stay in one of the Intermediate Care facilities. Similarly, individuals living in the community may be referred to one of the units before the need to be admitted to an acute hospital arises. 

For example, it could be that a patients' home needs to be assessed by an occupational therapist, to see if any adjustments need to be made, for example a stair lift, or a front door ramp for wheelchair access.

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Referral into intermediate care is now through the adult community services single point of access:

0300 555 1919

(24/7 phoneline)

Click here for more information about the adult community services single point of access.

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