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BCHC Plus Services FAQs


Q Do these services replace those commissioned by the local authority?

A No, the centrally-commissioned (‘core’) services are still provided. BCHC Plus Services offer added value support to schools seeking a service over and above the core offer. We will provide bespoke support aligned to schools’ individual health challenges, including whole school support as well as input for children and young people who can benefit from services but who do not meet current service thresholds.

Q What are the ‘core’ services?

A Core school nursing services primarily consist of the National Child Measurement Programme plus health questionnaires, care plans for certain health problems and the health elements of safeguarding planning. Core SLT services are focused upon assessment of individual children’s needs and are subject to commissioned thresholds. More details are available on request. 

Q Who provides  BCHC Plus Services, and when will they be provided?

A BCHC Plus Services are provided by our own qualified, registered NHS clinical professionals, usually a named nurse or therapist, supported by our extensive NHS resources. Services are provided during term time and within the school day (or other times by agreement). We will help identify your school’s needs and agree a health plan with you to address them. 

Q How will Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust provide extra services without affecting core services?

A BCHC is investing in staff and resources to meet schools’ demands for added value services whilst ensuring core services are maintained. In this way BCHC Plus Services builds on core services to satisfy the needs of schools, pupils, and families.

Q How much do BCHC Plus Services cost?

A Charges vary according to the type of service and the amount of time required from our school nursing or speech and language therapy teams. Once we understand your specific requirements we will provide a quotation for you to consider. 

Q Can you provide other BCHC Plus Services?

A We expect to introduce other BCHC Plus Services according to demand. Please contact us if there is a specific requirement you would like to discuss.