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Speech and Language Therapy Training

BCHC Plus Speech and Language Therapists also offer a menu of additional training to enhance awareness and knowledge about Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) for whole school groups or individual school staff.

Training courses are listed below and for latest details of course availability and prices please contact us as shown below.

Communication Friendly Schools Birmingham (CFSB)

A Primary School programme run jointly with Access to Education (A2E) to develop children’s communication skills by improving staff understanding of speech, language and communication (SLC) development and how to develop children’s SLC skills across the curriculum from reception to KS2. Staff will develop action plans to implement strategies and approaches at class, key stage and whole school level which will support to high quality teaching and pupil progress.

• Target staff group: Whole school staff training including Senior Leadership Team

• Course format 1x whole school training day

Plus 2x ½-day consultation sessions in school by Access to Education (A2E)

97% of people who attended the CFSB training course rated it as overall good or excellent.

92% of people (teachers, teaching assistance, head teachers, SENCO, deputies) who have received our CFSB training would recommend it to other people/ schools.

77% of people who attended our CFSB  training felt it had an impact on their practice

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Strategies to Support Pupils’ Speech, Language and Communication

An introduction to speech, language and communication needs as they present at Secondary.

Participants will identify four individual strategies to use to enhance their practice.

• Target staff group: Secondary teachers and TAs

• Course format: 1x 3 ½ hour session


Languageland (Blacksheep Press) provides a complete programme of language activities, session plans and colour resources which can be used in general group work, circle time or in timetabled standalone sessions. The training session will enable staff to use the resources to run language groups which support the development of children’s skills in the areas of general interaction/ social skills, good listening, sound awareness, vocabulary, comprehension and narrative.

• Target staff group: Nursery, Reception (EYFS) and KS1 teachers and TAs

• Course format: 1x 3 ½ hour session

ELKLAN Training 5-11s

This is an accredited course suitable for teachers or teaching assistants which will typically run over 10 sessions. It provides information, strategies, and ideas to develop communication skills of all children but especially those with speech, language, and communication needs. Click here to download the Elklan flyer.

Makaton Signing

We currently offer Makaton training for parents and practitioners. Please contact us for details of course availability and prices.

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