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Volunteers wanted who are looking for dental treatment

Birmingham Dental Hospital and the School of Dentistry is offering dental treatment for adults who may require fillings, crowns, dentures and root canal work as part of the Hospital’s student dentist training programme. The offer applies to routine dental treatment and not emergency problems.

Courses of treatment are available in the next few months. There are no charges for this dental treatment, with the exception of dentures where a standard NHS charge applies.

Interested patients will need to be assessed for their suitability, and if accepted for treatment be able to attend daytime appointments. Work will be carried out by student dentists under qualified supervision.


• Free - with the exception of dentures

• Contributing to the education of the next generation of dentists and therapists

• Opportunity to experience treatment at the UK's first new purpose built dental hospital and school in four decades.

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Patients on day 1 of the new dental hospital and school