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How can I request another appointment?

To request another appointment, please call the Central Booking Service on 0121 683 2320. 

We do not offer emergency appointments as all are pre-booked in advance, and please be aware that there is a high demand for appointments, so you may need to wait longer than you expect. 

When will my child get a diagnosis?

Diagnoses are rarely given on the first appointment, particularly when a child is very young. 

Following your initial appointment, your child will be referred to relevant services, or undergo further assessments if necessary. This will be explained in a clinic letter.

It can take some time to arrive at the correct diagnosis for your child, if one is applicable. Each case is different.

Why do I have to fill the questionnaire forms?

You need to fill in the questionnaire form as your child is being assessed under our service, the surveys will need to be completed to assist our diagnosis.

When will I find out the outcome of my appointment?

Your Doctor will be in touch following the assessment. The time it takes to find out the outcome all depends on your case, everyone is different. 

Can I get any help with completing the forms?

Yes, a social worker or family support worker can help complete these.

How can I get results of investigations?

Results can take up to 6-8 weeks to come through and you will be contacted by letter. 

We do not give results over the phone.

Please be aware that some results may take longer, dependent on the case.

I’ve moved address, should I let you know?

If you have moved to a new address, please let your GP know. This will update our system records as well. 

If your GP is outside of the Birmingham area, your GP will need to refer your child to the Community Paediatricians in your area.

What do I do if I can’t make an appointment?

Please let us know as soon as possible so we are able to offer the appointment to another family and reschedule yours on the next convenient date.

Please be aware that should you cancel 2 consecutive appointments in accordance with our Trust Patient Access Policy your child may be discharged from the service.

My child has been excluded. What should I do now?

Talk to the school first to review the exclusion. Failing that contact the Exclusion Team:

Birmingham City Council
PO Box 16542
B2 2DJ

Telephone: 0121 303 2685

I’ve got concerns about my child/a child I teach at school, who is seen by a Paediatrician?

Please write to us with your concerns and this evidence will be passed to the appropriate doctor to consider.

How can I request a repeat prescription?

Call 0121 466 4727 or a leave request in our Letter Box on reception (Allens Croft only).

How do I make a complaint?

Call 0800 917 2827

I’m travelling and need a letter to prove my child’s illness

Your last clinic letter will be enough evidence to show to airlines, theme parks etc. Please keep your clinic letters safe.

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Community paediatrics operates a policy for new referrals to be seen within 18 weeks. If during this time you are concerned regarding your child’s health, we would suggest contacting your GP or referrer for a medical review.  

If you are waiting for a follow up appointment and during this time you are concerned regarding your child’s health, we would suggest contacting your GP or referrer for a medical review.