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Birmingham School Nurses (SHAS)

The school health advisory service is changing. Please click here to find out more about forthcoming updates to the service.

(i)  To give confidential advice, care and support to schools, children, young people and their parents.

(ii)  To protect and promote the physical and emotional health of children and young people, to ensure that they get the most from their education.

Who are the services for?

The school health advisory service/school nursing service will be delivered to all children and young people and their families where the child or young person is enrolled to attend a mainstream school within Birmingham. This includes academies, community schools, foundation schools, voluntary aided and voluntary controlled, free schools and some independent schools.

Information for young people

School nurses treat information about children, young people and their families as confidential.  We do sometimes share information with other agencies, like GPs or your childs school, so that the young person or child can get the help they need.  We would only share this information without your agreement if it were necessary to ensure a childs safety. 

If you are ever unsure if your referral is appropriate, please do not hesitate to contact your school nursing team directly.

All referrals into the service will be reviewed. If information has been omitted, or the referral is inappropriate we will contact you to discuss this further.

Who delivers services?

The school nursing teams are led by clinical team leaders, backed by a range of professionals.

These include school nurses (who are specialist public health nurses), staff nurses, school nurse assistants, young peoples health advisors, school nurse support workers and team administrators.

The school health advisory service launched in Birmingham in April 2016 represents a new approach in working with schools and families to help children be healthy and get the most from their education.

Key partners

Key partners in the delivery of services in Birmingham include Forward Thinking BirminghamAquarius and Umbrella

Innovative partnerships have been established with Third Sector partners Barnardo'sSpurgeon's and Family Action.

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Make a referral if your child goes to school in Birmingham:

To make a referral to the school health advisory service, please download the referral form by clicking here  

Click here to contact the Birmingham School Nurse Team Leaders 

Click here if you need to find the Birmingham School Nurse Team which supports your child's school.

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The school nursing team provide a range of services:

Every year the school nurse in collaboration with the school will look at the health needs of the children attending the school and those of the local community. The school nurse then works with the school to agree, plan and deliver services which will help meet those profiled needs.

Each child’s parents are asked to complete a health questionnaire when their child is in reception to identify any health concerns for their child which can then be followed up by the school nurse.

We check the hearing of all reception children using an audiometer and refer any concerns to specialist audiologists for further assessment.

We measure the weight and height of all children in reception and to calculate their BMI.   We offer advice to parents about how to make sure their child is eating healthily and is physically active.

A child’s height and weight is completed and their BMI calculated.  We offer advice to parents about how to make sure their child is eating healthily and is physically active.

In Year 7 all children are offered the opportunity to complete a health questionnaire so the school nurse can offer to help them if they have any health concerns.  Parents are informed of this process before the questionnaires are given out.

Children can have their hearing tested at any age if there is a concern.

Some primary schools offer a parental drop in which is advertised in the school newsletter.

Confidential drop-in. All mainstream secondary schools are offered a weekly drop in service for young people to see their NHS school nurse in a private and confidential environment within school. 

School nurses support the management of emergency health needs in school. Children with medical needs which may require emergency treatment should have an individual management plan developed in partnership with parents, school staff, school nurses and medical advisors.