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Sandwell School Nursing 

Sandwell School Nursing Service aims to promote and support the health and wellbeing of all school aged children.  The team strives to deliver services that are visible, accessible and confidential to the school aged population across Sandwell regardless of educational provision. The team focus on delivering universal public health services across Sandwell ensuring early help and extra support is available to children young people and their families at times when they need it most.

In addition the School Nursing team have a statutory obligation to work together with the local authority around safeguarding children and young people. This includes working with local partners to tackle Physical, Emotional, Sexual abuse and neglect. 

The services have two key roles:

(i)  To give confidential advice, care and support to schools, children, young people and their parents/carers.

(ii)  To protect and promote the physical and emotional health of children and young people, to ensure that they get the most from their education.

Who are the services for?

The School Nursing Team offers services to the school aged population across the authority inclusive of those children and young people  not accessing main stream services this includes those attending Community Schools, those being Electively Home Educated, children missing from education, traveling families the Youth Offending Service and new to UK families.

Sandwell School Nursing Service - Vulnerable Children’s Team were recognised for their unique service delivery to those sitting outside of mainstream provision by the Cavell Awards 2015 winner of the ‘Excellence in School Nursing Award’.

Children attending Special Educational Needs schools within the authority of Sandwell are supported by Sandwell West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Children’s Community Nursing Team.

Immunisation delivery to the Sandwell school aged population is delivered by Birmingham Community Health Care Foundation Trust Immunisation Team. 

Information for young people

School nurses treat information about children, young people and their families as confidential.  We do sometimes need to share information with other agencies, like GPs, school or the Local Authority, so that the young person or child can get the help they need. We would only share this information without your agreement if it were necessary to ensure a child’s safety. 

Who delivers services?

The school nursing team is led by Clinical Team Leaders, backed by a range of professionals.

These include School Health Nurses (who are Qualified Specialist Public Health Nurses), Staff Nurses, School Health Support Workers, and team administrators.

The school nursing team work within a cluster model which encompasses the 6 towns within Sandwell with an additional cluster working with children and young people not accessing main stream services. 

Schools are provided with a communication pack at the beginning of an academic year which includes contact details and referral information for the service.

The school nursing team provide a range of services:

Every year the school nurse in collaboration with the school and public health will look at the health needs of the children attending the school and those of the local community. The school nurse then works with the school to agree, plan and deliver services which will help meet those profiled needs.

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

The NCMP carries out growth screening at reception and year 6.  The team offers active intervention for those identified through the measurement programme.  In addition the team offer health promotion community drop in’s and work in partnership with the Local Authorities Public Health Team to support the reduction in obesity rates within Sandwell.

Health Promotion

School Nursing offers a core programme of health education across both primary and secondary provision; the core health education offer aims to tackle key public health targets. 

Sandwell School Nurse Ambassador Project (SNAP) 

Sandwell School Nursing service runs the SNAP which is offered to all educational provisions across the authority.  This project is aimed at empowering children and young people in embracing the public health agenda within their own school communities.  The programme supports children and young people to develop skills as well as building confidence and inspiring them to follow their dreams. 

Sandwell School Nursing Service and our School Nurse Ambassadors were recognised nationally as winner of the Nursing Times Awards ‘Team of The Year 2015’ for the innovation in developing SNAP

Clinical Interventions

Enuresis Clinics 

The Sandwell School Nursing Team deliver enuresis interventions providing support and advice for children young people and families who may be experiencing difficulties in this area through a nurse led enuresis clinic.

Care Plan Clinics

The service supports children and young people who have been identified as having a long term condition, in continuing to access education, by supporting school in implementing care plans to meet any identified health needs.

Looked After Child (LAC) Assessments 

The School Nursing Team undertakes the annual LAC health assessments for the school aged population across the authority, working in partnership with the Sandwell LAC Team.

Drop In’s

The School Nursing service provides a confidential accessible weekly drop in across all secondary schools within the authority. 

Alternative provisions are provided with a bespoke drop in service to meet the needs of the individual units.

Primary schools across the authority are offered an opportunity to participate in a parent drop in on a termly basis.

Active Interventions

The School Nursing Service offers universal and universal plus services for the children and young people and families of Sandwell this includes Holistic Health Assessment, brief interventions, signposting and referral to specialist services.  The service endeavours to capture and listen to the voice of the child, acting as an advocate in the best interest of the child and young person keeping them at the centre of service delivery.

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