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Community Orthodontic Service

The service is provided for children under 16 years of age with an orthodontic problem. Referral criteria are clearly defined on the attached referral forms and rely on the patient having:  

1)      A satisfactory level of oral health

2)      Be dentally fit.

3)      An IOTN (index of orthodontic treatment need) assessment by the referring dentist.

4)      Be registered with a dentist

5)      Referral must be received prior to the patients 16th birthday

6)      As NHS providers we are commissioned to provide treatment for patients who are IOTN dhc3/ac6 and above

Patients not meeting the above criteria will be returned to the referee for a re-referral once the criteria are met.   

The orthodontic service is based in the Lyng in West Bromwhich and Glebefields, TIpton for patients from the Sandwell area and Central Clinic for patients from the Dudley area.

The orthodontic team consists of orthodontic clinicians who are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) as Specialists in Orthodontics or Dentists with a Special Interest. They plan and carry out the treatment. They are supported by Dental Care Professionals who are also registered with the GDC. This includes dental nurses, hygienists and the laboratory services we use.


Referrals to the service in Sandwell should be Sandwell residents by postcode or have a Sandwell GDP or GMP.

Contact Us

Lyng Centre
Health and Social Care
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West Bromwich
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0121 612 2385

Glebefields Health Centre
St Marks Road

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Central Dental Clinic
Hall Street

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