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Learning Disability Services Resources

Below are links to a wide range of resources which were developed to help women with learning disabilities make their own choices at times of pregnancy and maternal care. The original material was sourced from the pregnancy and maternity guidance on NHS Choices, and then transformed by our clinicians into "Easy-Read" versions for mothers, expecting mothers or their partners.

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Pregnancy web


Delivery suite


Health visitors at Well Baby clinic

The Trust hereby acknowledges the efforts and enthusiasm of the staff involved in this project and their commitment to prepare material to enhance the experience of their service users and patients. The core clinical staff group involved in the project were:

Kelly Ann Slack, Honorary Assistant Psychologist – Learning Disabilities Service

Elaine Meredith, Lead for Health Visiting

Rachel Kasch, Speech & Language Therapist – Learning Disabilities Service

Emily Piggot, Speech & Language Assistant – Learning Disabilities Service

Sarah Terry, Health Facilitation Nurse – Learning Disabilities Services