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Child Sexual Exploitation Named Nurse Team

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual abuse in which a person exploits, grooms and manipulates a child or young person into engaging in some form of sexual activity, sometimes in return for something the child needs or desires for the gain of the person(s) perpetrating the abuse. It's harmful and damaging - even life threatening. Any child from any background can be enticed and exploited. A child can not consent to their own abuse.

The widespread nature of this crime suggests that all professionals may at some point come into contact with a child experiencing child sexual exploitation. The CSE health team is here to support practitioners to access further resources to assist them. 

Our Team

The Child Sexual Exploitation Named Nurse service, also part of the co-located CSE team for Birmingham, works in partnership with key agencies across the region.

The CSE team deliver support within Birmingham and raise the profile of CSE, helping to embed regional standards into frontline practice. 

Specialist Support

Support and guidance is provided to health practitioners to facilitate the development of skills to identify children and young people who are victims of or at risk of CSE. This will enhance confidence to take appropriate action to protect and prevent children and young people from becoming victims of CSE.

The team can provide expertise and advice to health partners, advice on case management and liaison with safeguarding leads. 

Other useful sources of information

The NWG (formerly The National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People)

Apps for young people/professionals:

Wud U? - a  free educational tool that aims to show young people the behaviours that could put them at risk of being sexually exploited, through illustrated, interactive stories.

aSk Uk - a health information app for young people in the UK encouraging safer sex and signposting to advice and services. 

Named Nurse Team

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