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Making the Most of Your Placement

Getting Started

Before you start, or at least in those early days of placement it is really important that you review and explore the ‘training’ sessions below. Importantly, in your first week on placement you must complete any placement induction documentation for your specific education/University provider. This can be found in your placement document. Please ensure that you share this detail with your assigned mentor.  As with any new area being familiar with this documentation will ensure that you are up to speed with Trust specific guidance; important for both your safety and that of the clients/patients and service users in our care. We also offer discussion sessions around these topic areas. Look out for flyers in your placement area or in your student packs to see if one is taking place whilst you are with us. 

Once you are on placement with us and able to access our BCHC intranet site we have some more important resources that you must review. On the Pre Registration Students intranet site we also provide a really helpful ‘placement quiz’ which we advise you to complete, download and share with your mentor/supervisor. It will be required to help inform your practice assessment. Remember you can also preview this quiz through the hyperlink on the home page of this site. 

(N.B.  You will need to  review the sessions here on the Student Hub and also on the Pre Registration Students  area in our Trust intranet site before completing the placement quiz, but remember you will need to be on a BCHC computer or have obtained your IT log in details before you can access this area).

Compassion in Practice  

The presentation below gives you some insight into how you can implement the
6C's campaign into your work here with us at BCHC. Implementing these plans
requires action from you and you can help us to make a real difference to the patient/client
experience here at BCHC.

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iCare Session

This session explores the importance of ensuring that the patient experience here at BCHC is the best it can be. It outlines our Philosophy of care and our overarching principles that we hope guide all who work at the Trust. It also explores what we expect from you in any patient/client encounter and also gives you some ideas on how we can improve the care that we deliver. We hope that you find this helpful. 

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Professional Values 

In this session we explore 'Professional Values' and how as healthcare professionals we need an awareness of our values and an understanding of how these values influence our behaviour and in turn how these impact on the care we deliver. 

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Information Governance and the Caldicott Principles

It is essential that confidentiality and security of information can be assured by us all at all times. Here we offer you some essential steps to consider during you time here with us and as you care for patients and clients. In addition we offer further insight into The Data Protection Act (1988) and the Caldicott Principles to help you as you deliver care here in the Trust.  

Primary Care Reflective Diary 

This tool will help you to frame your thoughts for your reflective diary and gives you some helpful hints to think about your day.  

Community Case Studies

In order to help you frame your reflection further whilst you are with us and to help you discuss the learning that has occurred as a consequence of this reflection with your mentor/supervisor; we ask you to share your thoughts with them on the 'Case Studies' that you will find in the 'Media Portal'. These offer you a unique insight into the patient/client experience and the real difference that practitioners make to patients/clients every day. 

We have provided a useful reflective framework for you to help with your discussions. It will also be important to review Stephs' session 'Compassion in Practice' (above) as you complete your reflections. 

As you reflect, think again about the impact that the 6Cs campaign has upon the the role of all the practitioners in these scenarios. It is so important that we recognise the impact that  this campaign has upon our work and everyday encounters with patients/clients. Reflecting in this way not only helps us to build on good practice, but also informs our future as health and social care practitioners. 


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