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Birmingham Community Healthcare is one of the biggest providers of community healthcare services in England, with more than 5,000 employees. 

A wide variety of these roles take place in our community hospitals; Moseley Hall, Sheldon Unit, West Heath and care centres such as, Ann Marie Howes, Norman Power and Riverside Lodge. Then many other roles are seen in the 40+ Integrated Multidisciplinary Teams (IMTs) across Birmingham.

In addition to these adult and community services we also provide services for children and families; health visiting, school nursing and learning disabilities provision. And also specialist services such as Birmingham Dental Hospital and within the Prison Service.

Information regarding the Physiotherapy services provided at the Trust can be found HERE

We have provided some other useful links and resources for you below: 

Useful Links:

The University of Birmingham -Clinical Team-Physiotherapy

The National Stroke Association

The Multiple Sclerosis Society

Headway - The Brain Injury Association

Guillan-Barre and Associated Inflammatory Neuropathies

The Spinal Injuries Association

Paediatric Physiotherapy Placement

For those of you undertaking a paediatric placement with us, the team here at BCHC hope that the following information regarding your placement expectations and also what objectives you can hope to achieve during your time with the Trust will be useful. It is anticipated that it will give you a much better picture of the work in this very specialised area.

Accessing these resources prior to your induction session will be invaluable and give you a head start. 

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