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Bank e-expenses

Claiming mileage for bank work 

These are the steps you need to take once logged on Employee Online and making a claim for bank work

  • In Posting, select the appropriate Bank assignment (if have multiple assignments)
  • In Approving Unit, select the appropriate unit/ward you worked on the Bank (if you leave it is Bank, it will not get paid). To identify the correct unit you need to select, please refer to the unit name on your Roster Calendar in Employee OnLine.
  • Then in Mileage section click on New Expense, and in Expense Type select the Complex Business Mileage option
  • The first journey will start from the first clinic/patient/base visited, so this address will be entered in the first from box. 

Click the videos below to watch some helpful guides about e-expenses:

Login to employer online:

Vehicle check:

New claim including multi trip and diversion 

Submitting a claim

Edit a claim: 

Public Transport

Car Parking expense claim:

Excess Mileage:

Supplementary Claim


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