Better Care

Chapel services, Local Faith and Religious Groups

Who are we?

We are here to support everyone connected to BCHT- staff, patients and their families/carers. We are an inclusive, multi faith team which means that we provide spiritual care and support to everyone, no matter your faith, spiritual beliefs or values.

What we do:

We offer support through:

  • A listening ear
  • Prayer
  • Religious resources including Holy books/Qur’an cubes and inspirational materials
  • Religious services & events to celebrate faith festivals
  • Memorials
  • Ethical advice
  • End of life care
  • Mindfulness
  • Links with Faith Community contacts


We can support staff who would like advice and guidance regarding how to facilitate spirituality with patients, as well as conducting spiritual needs assessments and contributing to care plans.

How to contact us:

Staff can refer themselves, patients, their families or carers to us via telephone and email.

Call: 07874890549 or email: 

When making a referral please provide name, ward and brief description of reason for the referral.  You can also get in touch with us for advice, resources and information.


Support provided will remain confidential, however we do work as part of the clinical team and so patient notes will be recorded where necessary. 


As part of the monthly memorial services we provide, you are welcome to complete an ‘in memoriam’ slip. You can either complete one at the chapels based at Moseley Hall Hospital or West Heath Hospital or send an email to the above address. We will read out the person’s name and light a candle for them during our next special service.