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Medicines Management Prescribing Formulary

The Formulary is a list of recommended choices of clinically appropriate drug therapies that should cover prescribing within the organisation. Prescribers should select from the formulary, for treatment initiation and continuation.

The Formulary comprises of two elements: (i) the Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull and environs Joint Formulary otherwise referred to as the Area Prescribing Committee (APC) Formulary (ii) specified drugs (List A and B) for use within our Trust only.

The APC Formulary represents the drugs that Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups across the region have jointly agreed to prescribe in preference to other treatment options. It is expected the majority of prescribing will follow the APC formulary but this does not restrict a trust to prescribe or administer other such drugs where this is clinically indicated.

The APC Formulary can be accessed via the Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull and environs APC Formulary website. 

All enquiries comments and suggestions relating to the Formulary are welcomed and should be sent to Melanie Dowden, Acting Chief Pharmacist.

Other documents

  • Formulary 2016 - Birmingham based community services
  • Wound Management Formulary - contact the Medicines Management team for the latest version of this document, using the contact details above right.

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