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Our nursing staff and clinical teams treat those in their care with compassion and respect, in patients' homes, wards and clinics across the Trust.

From May 2014, all hospitals are required to publish information about the number of nursing and midwifery staff working on each ward, together with the percentage of shifts meeting safe staffing guidelines.

NHS England and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have issued joint guidance on the ‘Hard Truths’ commitments regarding nursing, midwifery and care staff capacity and capability.

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If you would like further information about staffing in our inpatient facilities, please contact the nursing and therapies directorate on 0121 466 7005.

For media enquiries, please email or call the communications team on 0121 466 7281.

For general comments and enquiries about BCHC services, please contact our customer services team.
'Hard Truths'

The ‘Hard Truths’ commitments represent the Government’s response to the report written by Robert Francis QC about the poor care identified at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The guidance highlights the need for transparent reporting of staff working on shifts in every inpatient area. This reporting involves two things:

1.     Clearly displaying information about the nurses and care staff present on each ward, on each shift.

Ensuring all inpatient wards have staffing and care boards in place in plain sight in public areas, which detail staffing levels on a shift by shift basis.

2.     Our Trust Board receiving monthly updates on workforce information.

This will include the number of actual staff on duty during the previous month, compared to the planned staffing level, the reasons for any gaps and any actions being taken to address these. The Trust Board will take full responsibility for the quality of care provided to patients, and as a key determinant of quality, take full and collective responsibility for nursing and care staffing capacity and capability. 

Boards ensure there are robust systems and processes in place to assure themselves that there is sufficient staffing capacity and capability to provide high quality care to patients on all wards, clinical areas, departments, services or environments day or night, every day of the week.

The staffing report will be published here and on Birmingham Community Healthcare's page on NHS Choices on a monthly basis from June 2014.

There is a Trust-wide safer staffing group which is chaired by the Director of Nursing and Therapies. The work of this group is to:

  • agree and monitor effectiveness of systems in managing staffing levels 
  • provide update reports to the quality governance and risk committee 
  • support and guide the recruitment and retention strategy for nurses  
  • ensure Board papers are published and easily accessible on the internet  
  • ensure escalation of staffing policies are in place 
  • support and develop the e rostering and safe care module 
  • develop a daily response and an overview monthly exception when establishments not achieved.