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West Heath Hospital

The site is well connected by public transport and is located near to 5 bus stops on Rednal Road close to each entrance. The bus stops on Rednal Road serve routes 49 and 849 run by National Express. The bus services provide routes with a frequent service along the Alcester Road (A435) northwards into Birmingham City Centre and Southwards towards Wythall/Bromsgrove. 

Figure 4 shows the bus route 49 serving West Heath Hospital on the Solihull – Rubery Great Park via Cotteridge service. Figure 5 shows the bus route 849, St Thomas Aquinas School – Northfield. Both bus routes stop frequently on Rednal Road. 

The bus routes provide services to a variety of rail stations. Both buses stop at Longbridge Station and Route 49 also serves Solihull Station Interchange, Shirley Rail Station and Kings Norton Station.

Route 849 only provides one service in the day leaving the Rednal Road bus stop at 1525. Bus route 49 however provides a half hourly service from 0629 – 0803, 4 buses per hour from 0803 – 1907, 3 buses an hour from 1907- 2043 and an hourly service from 2043 – 22:13. 

Route 49 therefore can provide a sustainable option for staff based at West Heath Hospital.  

The closest rail station is Northfield rail station and is approximately 1.2 miles (2km) from West Heath Hospital. The stations provide services to Four Oaks, Redditch and Lichfield. All services pass through Birmingham New Street Station offering further transport links around the West Midlands. As the rail stations fall outside the recommended walking distance of 900m from station to workplace, in order to encourage their use, combined modes of transport could be used, for example cycling and rail or a shuttle bus that could take employees to the rail station.  

West Heath Hospital
Rednal Road 
B38 8HR