Better Care

Vision, values and strategy

Birmingham Community Healthcare (BCHC) has a vision, values and strategy to set out what matters most to us a specialist provider of community healthcare and to equip us to meet the needs of all the communities we serve.

Working with our 4,500 colleagues in the largest engagement exercise we have ever conducted.

We have used the last three to six months to set out a common vision, a set of shared values and the strategic objectives that will underpin our work over the next three to four years. 

BCHC values

Our Vision

Firstly, our vision can be summed up as 'Best Care: Healthy Communities'. BCHC exists to provide the Best Care possible to support the people who use our services, many of whom are among the most vulnerable in our society, to live well in Healthy Communities.

This vision is directly linked to the Birmingham & Solihull STP’s 'Live Healthy; Live Happy' strategy and also supports the objectives of the Black Country & West Birmingham STP.

This vision is rooted in the communities we serve and in approach to service delivery based on Birmingham’s five localities of approximately 250,000 people and neighbourhoods of approximately 50,000 people. It commits us to working closely with our local partners to do this successfully. It also recognises the importance of the services we deliver on a Black Country and wider regional footprint to the future success of the trust.

Our Values

Secondly, we have also worked with our colleagues to reset our our shared values – those values that will guide all our actions and underpin our behaviours as we seek to deliver our vision. The values that our colleagues have together chosen are:

  • caring
  • open
  • respectful
  • responsible
  • inclusive. 

Our Strategic Objectives 

Thirdly, we have worked with colleagues and stakeholders to set four strategic objectives that describe the big things we will need to achieve if we are to deliver our vision and live our values successfully.

The four strategic objectives are:

By fulfilling our strategic objectives, guided by our values, we can achieve our vision.

Fit for 2022

And fourthly, our new vision, values and objectives are complemented by a range of improvement initiatives already under way across the Trust under the banner ‘Fit for 2022’ - the year in which Birmingham will be in the international spotlight as host of the Commonwealth Games.

We have already begun our Fit for 2022 work including, for example, the use of the Listening into Action way of working to support teams across the Trust to make the changes that they know will most improve things for patients and colleagues. Priorities for the first 12 – 18 months of this journey towards our vision include:

  • tackling the issues facing our children’s services;
  • developing local neighbourhood teams working together with GPs, mental health and social care to serve communities of c. 50,000 people;
  • improving our approach to colleague health and wellbeing, development and retentenion;
  • accelerating the use of digital technology to improve the care we provide;
  • developing intermediate care services that provide alternatives to acute emergency admission and support safe early discharge.

All NHS service providers are facing a combination of increasing demand for services, demographic change, financial pressures and technological opportunity.

BCHC’s refreshed vision, values and strategy have been developed to address these challenges, at a time when community services are expected to become an even more important part of the wider health and social care system.

The new vision and strategy are designed to dovetail with the two sustainability and transformation partnerships in which BCHC is an active member (Birmingham & Solihull and Black Country & West Birmingham).

Chief executive Richard Kirby said: “I would particularly like to thank our colleagues and other stakeholders for their huge contribution in creating this strategy to meet the needs of the communities we serve through the challenges of the next five years.

"We should be clear that this is not an old-style, top-down strategy that is rapidly ignored after it is launched. Our strategy projects a clear vision of our role and purpose as a provider of NHS community and specialist services and outlines how we can best make a positive difference to the lives of the people we serve and play a full and effective role in the wider health and social care system.

“We have refined our vision to ‘Best Care: Healthy Communities', established four clear strategic objectives and agreed five new organisational values to help us deliver to them.

“The years ahead will be challenging; but we are confident that this work gives us the direction and focus needed to deliver to the needs of those we serve.

“We look forward to working with all colleagues and stakeholders to implement our strategy and realise our vision - supporting, creating and sustaining healthy communities through the delivery of safe, high quality integrated care.”