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Street dancing Anupurba gets extra 'X Factor'!

After spending the first 17 months of her life in hospital, Anupurba takes most challenges in her stride.

Now, thanks to a new running blade, the bubbly seven-year-old is adding an extra surge of energy into her favourite street dancing routines.

Anupurba, of Shirley, was born with her umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her leg, cutting off the blood’s circulation.

Sadly, the leg could not be saved and she was also left with damage to her heart and lungs, necessitating mechanical ventilation at hospital and later at home to assist her breathing.

Dad Anirban says the bright pink prosthesis is exactly what a “very special girl” with a lust for life needs.

Anupurba Saha

“Andy Sharpe and Anupurba have become very good friends since they met more than 3 years ago,” he says.

“This blade is a great piece of kit. Our only concern is that it needs a wider turning circle when she spins so her street dance group will have to be ready and make adjustments!

“She’s making great progress and we’re very grateful to Andy and the team for everything they’ve done for our daughter.”