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Rehab journey has Jodie viewing new horizons

Jodie Millard has set her sights on new ambitions after becoming the first person the rehab centre has equipped with an activity limb incorporating a prosthetic knee joint.

Brave Jodie, of West Bromwich, was diagnosed with bone cancer in April 2014 and had her right leg amputated four months later.

Chemotherapy demanded lengthy hospital stays over several months – disrupting her GCSE studies and her progress adapting to a prosthetic limb.

“I’ve always been sporty,” says Jodie.  “I used to teach trampolining to Year 7 pupils at school. I played badminton, tennis and rounders in summer and basketball in winter.

“The blade is brilliant but it takes a bit of getting used to because it’s designed specifically for running.”

Despite the challenges, Jodie picked up five ‘A’s, five ‘B’s and an ‘A*’ in her GCSEs and is now focussed firmly on securing the A level grades to earn a place at university.

“Quite a few people have told me I should try and get to the Paralympics,” she says. “Obviously, that would be amazing – I’m training twice a week and building my confidence and we’ll see what happens.

Jodie Millard
“But my main focus is my education. I used to want to be a PE teacher. But these experiences have inspired a different ambition – I want to go to the University of Birmingham to study medicine and become an orthopaedic surgeon.”