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Why 'pacy' Macey loves her running blade

Macey Hand, of Claverley, near Bridgnorth, was the first child outside London to get a carbon fibre running blade under the scheme.

The sporty member of Wolverhampton and Bilston Athletics Club loves high jump, long jump and running and is rapidly growing in confidence using her “springy” prosthetic limb.

“I love it,” says Macey. “It’s much lighter and it looks a lot nicer. All my friends were really interested to see it and touch it when I first took it to school.”

Macey, who has ambitions to work with animals when she is older, was born with fibula hemimelia – a congenital absence of the fibula, which necessitated the amputation of her lower right leg before her first birthday.

Mum Julie said: “We were already attending the rehab centre for her normal prosthetics when they told us there was new funding available for sports prosthetics.

“It was something we’d hoped for and it’s making a wonderful difference to Macey, who just wants to join in everything.

"It makes running so much easier for her; she loves it.”

Macey Hand