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All smiles for apprentice dental nurse

Nicholas Biela apprentice
Each day of National Apprenticeship Week, we are featuring one of our current apprentices. Today, read the story of how Nicholas Biela swapped supermarket shelf stacking for sterilising.

“Typically as a trainee dental nurse it is my job to support the dentist in all aspects of patient care.

It’s very much a 'hands-on' job which requires me to be focused for long stretches of time. My typical duties could include getting the appropriate instruments ready for a minor procedure or even something as simple as ensuring the patient feel comfortable.

The job requires quite a lot of multi-tasking because during the consultation I will typically be asked to take notes from the dentist and hence update records accordingly.  The dental nurse tidies the surgery and sterilises all of the instruments.

It was a big jump for me from working in a supermarket after school to deciding that I really wanted to make a difference and work within the healthcare profession. I wanted to be thrown in at the deep end, in a profession that places a great deal of emphasis on hands-on clinical skills. I couldn’t be happier now that I have found something that gets me so motivated.

I love the fact the environments I work within are not just restricted to community dental services. There is a lot of work and training in hospitals, general practice and within specialist teams. There are also training opportunities in the armed forces.

I absolutely love the fact I am in a position where I constantly have to learn new things, as it makes the job exciting. It is great that I never know what is going to happen and that I have to think on my feet. Over the next few weeks I will be adding even more skills to my portfolio including dental sedation, radiography, oral hygiene and it will be interesting to see how these all fit into the way I practice. No two days are the same and I feel quite free, like being back at school without the bad lunches!

It’s a really good mix between clinical experience and being able to attend college to have the chance to reflect on what I have been taught. The support I have received by both BCHC staff and the practice staff is amazing; they really focus in on perfecting my clinical skills and are always there to lend a hand. Above all they gave me the confidence and freedom to build up my own professional development.

I was really happy to have been appointed to a permanent position at the Trust, where I will be working in a variety of practices. This should really help me improve my techniques.”

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