Better Care

Watch - breaking barriers for patients

For one week in 2014, BCHC conducted an exercise to test adult community care pathways and see how successful we could be in removing barriers for patients.

The initiative was based on the NHS Urgent Care Intensive Support Team’s ‘Perfect Week’ concept.

Of course, no week is ever ‘perfect’; but it is worth asking “what does ‘good’ look like?’ and seeing how consistently we are close to that benchmark. What, then, might ‘very good’ require?’; how close to ‘perfect’ can we get?’

That’s why we called the exercise ‘Breaking Barriers for Patients’. For a seven-day period running across a weekend, we asked frontline clinical colleagues to seize the opportunity to tell us where these blockages occur; to flag up those frustrating issues that prevent us from providing the right care in the right place at the right time.

This film tells some of the stories of that week and captures some of the reflections from our own staff and our close partners from Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and Birmingham City Council's social care services.

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