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District nurse among a host of stars for landmark TV project

BBC crew interviewing and filming district nurse Rupinder Chal.
District nurse Rupinder Chal being interviewed for the Keeping Britain Alive documentary.

District nurse Rupinder Chal was shadowed by a TV crew as part of an ambitious BBC TV documentary capturing a day in the life of the NHS.

For one day (Thurs, 18 October), the BBC had crews on the ground at more than 50 sites all over the country, capturing the ordinary working routines of dozens of NHS staff and the individual stories of people who benefit from the services they deliver in homes, clinics, health centres and hospitals nationwide.

The many hours of footage will now be edited into an eight-part series with the working title Keeping Britain Alive. It is provisionally scheduled for broadcast in Spring 2013.

Rupinder was filmed setting out from her team base at Laurie Pike Health Centre in Aston to make home visits to some of her patients who had agreed in advance to participate and talk about the care they have received.

Rupinder said: "It was a bit nerve-racking at times being filmed for national TV. But I got used to it and quite enjoyed the experience. I think the patients enjoyed the opportunity to have their say as well and now we're all looking forward to seeing the finished article."