Better Care

Adding extra value through BCHC Plus

Since 2014, BCHC Plus - originally known as our traded services programme - has enabled schools to access additional school nursing and SLT services to enhance existing core services, further extending the benefits to children, parents and schools.

Through the BCHC Plus route, nearly 150 schools and colleges access extra NHS services from our Trust. BCHC Plus offers a portfolio of clinical services, extending schools’ access to the NHS clinical staff and services they know and trust.

The additional services enable support to be tailored to individual needs.
All services are delivered by qualified BCHC staff under the BCHC brand, ensuring continuity of support alongside core services.

Birchfield Primary BCHC Plus SLT Yr 5

At Birchfield Primary in Aston, the BCHC Plus approach is already paying dividends and delivering measurable benefits...



Education and healthcare professionals share a simple goal - to give every child the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential.

For some young people, that means a little extra help at key moments of their school journey.

BCHC Plus is designed to put schools in control of the targeted health and wellbeing support they provide for their pupils.

At Birchfield Community School in Aston, BCHC Plus works closely with the teaching team to support pupils with speech, language and communication needs.

 “This is a very busy inner city school serving diverse communities in one of the most deprived areas of the city,” says speech and language therapist (SLT) Danielle Cawdell (pictured), who works at Birchfield one day a week.

“Several pupils have social or communication difficulties or significant learning needs and over 90 per cent of the school’s pupils speak English as an additional language.

Birchfield BCHC Plus SLT infants

“On top of that, a high proportion of pupils entering reception have speech, language and communication needs – higher than the national average for similar areas. Research shows that impoverished language has a direct impact on educational attainment as well as social and emotional wellbeing.”

The 700-pupil school asked BCHC Plus to provide additional SLT support and Danielle has since run several half-hour sessions for groups of around five same-age pupils each weekly visit.

She also delivers parent workshops and training to staff as part of a ‘total’ approach to supporting speech, language and communication across the school community.

Nine-year-old Dean Mansoor is one of the pupils who has benefited from the extra support. He said: “It’s taught me how to explain things better. For example, Miss gave me a picture of a girl bumping into a boy and asked me choose from some other pictures what would be the best thing to do next. I chose ‘call 999’ so the ambulance would come and she would get better.”

Pastoral manager Ronnie Hill says: “We’re trying to create a whole-school culture where we’re all aware of certain traits that may indicate a pupil could benefit from personalised speech, language and communication support.

“We intend to have two members of staff trained as qualified speech and language therapy assistants so they can formally assess pupils’ needs.”

Andrew Lloyd, special educational needs co-ordinator at Birchfield, added: “Danielle has made an impact beyond the classroom in developing a long-term strategy for speech, language and communication, working with parents’ groups and delivering training to staff.

“There has been a move towards focusing resources on younger children and developing the skills of teaching assistants to achieve best value for the school.”