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BCHC backs campaign to raise breast cancer awareness among elderly

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Birmingham Community Healthcare is backing a new campaign in the Midlands to raise awareness of breast cancer in women aged 70 and over.

Colleagues working in communities throughout Birmingham are playing their part in spreading the key campaign message that one in three women who get breast cancer is aged 70 or over.

A recent survey for the Department of Health found that nearly one in five women in the West Midlands incorrectly thought that women in their 40s are the most likely age group to develop breast cancer while nearly a quarter of women incorrectly thought that all age groups are equally likely to get breast cancer.

The aim of the Be Clear on Cancer campaign is to drive the message home to women aged 70 or over - and their friends and family - that the chances of having breast cancer increase with age and they should seek advice from their doctor as early as possible if they have any concerns.

The campaign is designed to remind women over 70 that they should visit their doctor straight away if they notice anything unusual about their breasts, such as a lump, or a change to their nipples, skin or the shape of their breasts. Any of these could be a sign of breast cancer.

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry said: “Earlier diagnosis improves the chances of successful treatment and is key to driving up cancer survival in this country."

“Our goal is to save an additional 5,000 lives every year from cancer by 2014 and we have invested over £450 million to help diagnose and treat cancer earlier.”

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