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Charity delivers comic boost for young patients

BCHC is delivering a boost to young people attending some of our clinical services by partnering with a charity dedicated to supplying comic-making kits for kids. 

BCHC Charity is being supported by Little Heroes Comics , a UK charity dedicated to delivering comic making kits to ill children across the country.

A batch of these kits, along with complimentary copies of children’s comic The Phoenix, have been given to our children in care team and children and young people who attend clinics at Birmingham Dental Hospital.

BCHC Charity fundraising assistant Stacey Taylor said: "It can be incredibly scary (or sometimes just plain boring!) to be in hospital or waiting to receive care or treatmtent as a child, and as such BCHC Charity have been working with Little Heroes Comics kits to make the experience a little more exciting.

Little Heroes
Little Heroes

“Comics are a brilliant way to encourage reading and creativity in children and young people, as well as being wildly entertaining.

"I’m so happy to see children across the Trust enjoying these kits and making some amazing art!”

Click here for more information about the work of BCHC Charity and how you can get involved in funding extras for our patients and services.