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Health partners unite against child sexual exploitation

On National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day the city’s health providers have announced plans to work together in the fight against child sexual exploitation (CSE), with a newly-formed  CSE named nurse team in place to support frontline staff.

The team has been commissioned by Birmingham South Central Clinical Commissioning Group to raise awareness of CSE, support staff that work with children to identify it and to coordinate an appropriate response on behalf of health partners in order to prevent children and young people from becoming victims of CSE.

Although the team has a city-wide remit, they are based with BCHC’s child safeguarding service.

Child sexual exploitation named nurse team
From left: named nurses Alison Jones, Loretta Dickenson, team administrator Debbie Evans and named nurse Claire Capewell

Named nurse for child sexual exploitation Claire Capewell is one of three named nurses in the team. She said: “The team works with health providers across the health economy of Birmingham supporting practitioners to recognise the physical and emotional presentations of CSE. We provide expertise and advice on case management and provide support to practitioners and safeguarding leads in delivering CSE training and group supervision.”

Child sexual exploitation is a form of sexual abuse in which a person exploits, grooms and manipulates a child or young person into engaging in some form of sexual activity, sometimes in return for something the child needs or desires for the gain of the person(s) perpetrating the abuse. Child sexual exploitation is harmful, damaging and even life threatening. It has the potential to affect any child from any background. 

Claire added: “As parents and family members we have seen cases of child sexual exploitation in the media and the impact this has on children and their families. The widespread nature of this crime suggests that all professionals may at some point come into contact with a child experiencing child sexual exploitation. The CSE health team is here to support practitioners to access further resources to assist them."

Today (Friday 18 March) is National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day. To find out how you can support the campaign visit

Contact the child sexual exploitation named nurse team:

Visit the BCHC website

Phone: 0121 466 7090