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Patient offers a 'fitting' gesture of thanks

A generous patient cared for in the stroke rehabilitation ward at Moseley Hall Hospital has found the perfect fit for a meaningful ‘thank you’.

Stroke patient Tony Rai (pictured fourth left) has donated 1,000 t-shirts to the ward, ensuring that new patients arriving into the hospital have access to a choice of clean clothing.

In late 2014, Tony suffered a stroke and was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. During his recovery, he was transferred to Ward 8 at Moseley Hall Hospital, where he spent four weeks receiving specialist stroke rehabilitation care.  

During his time there, he noticed how fortunate he was to have regular visitors bringing in home comforts and clean clothing.

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Patient Tony Rai donates T-shirts to Ward 8 at Moseley Hall Hospital
No need to get 'shirty'! The ward 8 wardrobe is well kitted out thanks to Tony's t-shirts.

Tony, who lives in Moseley, said: “As I live round the corner from the hospital it was easy for my family to visit, but some of the other patients didn’t have loved ones nearby – so when they arrived on the ward, they didn’t always have a lot of choice of clothing.

“I decided that when I was discharged I would try and do something to help them.”

Tony sourced and paid for 1,000 t-shirts in different sizes to ensure that all patients on the ward, and in other inpatient wards at BCHC, could access a choice of clothing.

Ward 8 clinical team leader Nelson Amao revealed that that patients have been quick to ‘cotton on’ to the new wardrobe supplies:

“The t-shirts have been used by several patients which is great as it not only does it ensure that those without visitors still have access to a regular supply of clean clothes, but it also supports rehabilitation activity. Following a stroke, patients need to practice selecting their clothing and dressing themselves.”

As an extra ‘thank you’ to the staff that supported him during his rehabilitation and recovery, Tony recently returned to the ward to make an additional donation of £2,000 to the Birmingham Community Healthcare Charity, which will be used to buy additional equipment for the ward.

Nelson said: “Knowing we have provided Tony with a level of care that has helped him make a good recovery is good enough for us – so to have received two very generous donations in addition is amazing! We cannot thank him enough for his support.

“Having this additional funding will ensure we can provide an even better experience to patients on the ward.”