Better Care

FT status is ‘great platform’ for care

Birmingham Community Healthcare has been officially confirmed as an NHS Foundation Trust (FT), taking effect from 1 April, 2016.   

Following in-depth assessment from the regulatory body, Monitor, the organisation has proved itself ready and able to lead and govern itself as a Foundation Trust.

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Becoming a Foundation Trust will:

  • Allow us to become closer to our communities so they can influence us more and make us more accountable –helping services to become more responsive to people’s needs  
  • Empower our staff: membership of the organisation will create an increased sense of ownership so as to inspire staff to contribute further to our decision making and plans. 
  • Strengthen our governing processes: the role of the council of governors, which will now move out of shadow form, is to challenge our practice and continually evaluate our business on behalf of our 15,000-strong membership. 
  • Allow for more financial and commercial freedom: increased independence will allow us to further innovate – and to act in a more flexible and timely manner – to develop services in line with local priorities and feedback from our members.

Tracy Taylor, chief executive, said: “I am delighted that we have achieved Foundation Trust status, which is a fantastic achievement for our organisation.

"The bar is set very high for trusts to get through the assessment and to become authorised, and I would like to thank all those who have worked so hard to get us to this point.

"Now we have achieved it we must ensure we use the status to its full potential for our patients and service users. FT accreditation is a great recognition of our strength as an organisation, and provides us with a great platform for the future. 

“Strong membership, representing our service users, general public and staff, is the essence of Foundation Trust status, and I am looking forward to us working ever more closely with members and Governors.

“It is important to remember, alongside this achievement, that we continue to focus on our core purpose - the delivery of high quality, accessible and responsive community healthcare. This commitment has helped us gain the recognition of FT status – and it is that same commitment to patient care which remains what we are all about.”

Birmingham Community Healthcare delivers more than two million patient interactions each year across a broad range of community and specialist services, including community nursing and health visiting.

The organisation was formed in 2010 to create a single community services provider across the city of Birmingham. It also operates some services for the West Midlands region including Birmingham Dental Hospital (moving to its new £50 million location on 31 March) and the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre.