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New school term, new healthy habits for city families

healthy children

It’s back to school for many children in Birmingham this week and the NHS is taking the opportunity to introduce weight management courses to help families maintain the healthy lifestyles they had over the summer break.

Many children and families will have enjoyed an action-packed summer break, filled with plenty of outdoor activities and exercise, but it can be hard for families to maintain those activities as the new school term and old routines start.

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust (BCHC), which is running the courses, is opening the doors to children as young as five to learn about healthy eating and exercise.

Hayley Spiers, children’s weight management co-ordinator from BCHC, said: “The risk is that, with the start of the new school term, and as the weather turns colder and wetter, the amount of exercise children and families are getting often reduces.”

Donna Titley, from Northfield went to the sessions before the summer break with her daughter Jodie Tipton. She said: “We attended the classes for 12 weeks and really enjoyed it. Before we started attending, Jodie was feeling really down about her weight and we went to our GP who told us about the NHS service. Now Jodie is a different person and a lot more confident in herself.”

Jodie said: “As well as the exercise and activities that we do in the classes, I have been doing more walking. I am also now looking to join a gym and my new friends I have met here talk about which ones are the best to join.”

“All the activities we do are based around team games and every week we play something different which makes it really varied.”

Courses are available throughout the city for families and children from five to16-years-old. For more information and to find your local course call 0121 446 1021 or visit