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Health visiting in the spotlight!

Eight young mums and a granddad have each been interviewed by their health visitor for a short film to promote the citywide service that provides support to parents and carers of every child from shortly before birth to the age of five.

The Institute of Health Visiting-funded project is designed to showcase the wide range of universal support provided to every child and their parents from shortly before birth until the age of five. BCHC provided additional top-up funding to make the project a reality.

It also highlights the critical role that health visitors can play in helping families access additional support from other professionals.

Health visiting service manager Jane Powell said: “Health visitors have a crucial support role for every family with a young child and this film aims to capture some of the ways families have benefited from that. 

“It is the only service across all public agencies that sees every single child in those crucial early years before they start school. 

“As well as a statutory set of development checks at key age points, health visitors are in a position to identify additional needs at an early stage, which usually means a problem can be dealt with before it has the chance to develop into something more concerning.

Health visiting film
Lights, camera, action! (l-r) mum Nicky Byrne; health visitor Penny Dougan; film-maker Lee Rogerson.
HV film - Zarida Riaz and Mr Yasin
Health visitor Zarida Riaz and granddad Mohammed Yasin - one of the carers interviewed for the film.

“We are indebted to the Institute of Health Visiting for providing the generous funding they have provided for this film and, most importantly, to the mums and the granddad who gave up their own time to talk about their experiences of health visiting.

“Fortunately, I don’t think we’ve identified any budding Jeremy Paxmans among the team so there’s no reason to think they’ll be giving up their day jobs just yet!”

Watch our health visiting film below...

Dr Cheryll Adams, executive director of the Institute of Health Visiting, said: “We’re delighted to support this project.

"The comments of the mums and the granddad in Birmingham Community Healthcare’s film are eloquent testimony to the invaluable role that health visitors play in communities across the country.

“Health visiting does not have as high a profile as other care professions, so it is quite heart-warming to hear these sincere expressions of thanks for the ways in which they have been supported to give their child the best start in life.”