Better Care

Long Term Plan consistent with BCHC vision

Following recent publication of the NHS Long Term Plan, BCHC welcomes the opportunity offered to work closely with primary care to implement its aims and ambitions.

BCHC chief executive Richard Kirby said: “The NHS Long Term Plan is strikingly consistent with the ‘Best Care: Healthy Communities’ vision that we have set for BCHC.

"From BCHC’s perspective the plan’s commitment to closer system working and to expanding community health services is clearly to be welcomed.

"The focus on primary care networks as the route for much of that development will be significant for us, and reinforces the need for the strongest possible partnerships with primary care in the city.”

Published in early January, the NHS Long Term Plan sets out ambitions for ensuring the NHS is fit for the future and outlines how this can be progressed through the next ten years.

From a BCHC perspective, our new vision, values and strategic objectives align closely with the aims of the plan.

One of its key aims is to boost support for community services to work in partnership with primary care to help ensure people can live healthier lives and receive care in or close to their homes.

The emphasis on primary and community care; technology and digital care; support for workforce; prevention of ill health and health inequalities; improving care quality and outcomes – all mirror key components of BCHC’s new strategy.

BCHC has carried out a thorough mapping of the LTP against its own strategic objectives, to help identify activity which delivers to both.


NHS Long Term Plan front cover
BCHC corporate objectives