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Membership governor workshop

How to become a member of Birmingham Community Healthcare

Thousands of people have chosen to join the Trust’s membership programme as we continue our journey to Foundation Trust status.

For those who have already signed up, membership will become formally active once the Trust is authorised as a Foundation Trust – but ahead of this those who have signed up are invited to take part in a Governors Workshop. At the workshop attendees may either stand for election, or participate by voting for your preferred candidate.

The first Governors workshop is being held on Thursday 20 September at the Botanical Gardens, B15 3TR. It is open to public and staff who are either interested in a governor role or finding out more about the role. There are two identical sessions: 9.30am – 12noon and 5.30pm – 8pm.

For more information and to register your interest call the membership office on 0121 466 7023.

Haven’t signed up yet? Click here to find out more about membership.