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New partnership for South Birmingham

NHS Birmingham South Central Clinical Commissioning Group, its GP partners and Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust (BCHC) have agreed in principle to work together to develop a multispecialty community provider (MCP), as outlined in NHS England’s ‘Five Year Forward View’.

The agreement means that the two organisations would work jointly to develop and deliver services that are aligned with available resources for the 286,000 population covered by Birmingham South Central GPs.  This alignment and the process of parallel working, under the combined South Central Birmingham Multispecialty Community Provider, will enable a transformation of how the population’s health and wellbeing needs are met in the future.

Dr Andrew Coward, Chair of Birmingham South Central CCG said: “The ‘Five Year Forward View’ sets out how the health service needs to change to meet the challenges of the future. The publication argues for a more engaged relationship with patients, carers and citizens so that we can promote wellbeing and prevent ill health. For the people of south and central Birmingham we believe that this will be best served by joint working between our two organisations in the form of a community-based multispecialty provider.

“It is our ambition to jointly create a radically new model of care and wellbeing which not only delivers good quality care to patients but also inherently supports service users and communities to remain well for longer. We have consulted with our member practices and this plan gives them a wonderful opportunity to engage in scale within the MCP in partnership with BCHC, whilst retaining their commitment to their locality and their patients and practices.

“We have already demonstrated a successful track record together in delivering improvements in healthcare services in south and central Birmingham. I am delighted that we have agreed to work further together to make even more positive impact.”

Tracy Taylor, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust chief executive, said: “Our joint working will build upon public engagement and involve communities in helping shape services to deliver the vision of the future NHS. We will be focusing on key areas of public interest including proactive health prevention; increased partnership working with health, social care, third sector and other organisations within the community; localism in health commissioning and provision, and ensuring consistency in access to and the quality of services being delivered.

“This model is one of those put forward within NHS England’s ‘Five Year Forward View’, and one which we are delighted to move forwards in South Birmingham. The publication also recognised that one style of operating might not fit with every community and so, as a city-wide provider of services, we are also partnering with other providers and CCGs to create and implement the best options for other parts of Birmingham. These new models of care will form a key part of achieving our vision of creating better care and healthier communities across the whole of the city.”

The two organisations will now be working closely together to develop detailed plans for this new approach.


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