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Publication of Ofsted children's services inspection report and review of safeguarding board

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Ofsted has today (Fri, 23 May) published a report following the inspection of services for children in need of help and protection, looked after children and care leavers in Birmingham and its review of the effectiveness of the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB).

Ofsted's overall judgment was that children's services and the effectiveness of the BSCB are inadequate.

Responding to the publication of the Ofsted review of the BSCB, independent chair Jane Held said:

"Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board has been open and clear since last autumn that we are inadequate as a Board as well as clear about the state of children's services in the city.

"We have put a strong plan for making improvements in place which is showing some signs of progress. We are also clear that the work being undertaken under the guidance of Lord Warner by the Council, working with partners is showing some very early if fragile signs of improvement. This will contribute to the Board's assurance that the Council working with partners will, with stable strong leadership, bring improvements.

"We are pleased that the Ofsted review of the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board has reached the same conclusions as we had presented to them in our self-assessment at the start of their review and that the recommendations support the action we are already taking to address our inadequacies. The report will assist us to maintain our forward progress and the recommendations made by Ofsted will enhance the Improvement Plan. We will continue our relentless focus on working to make the children of Birmingham safer.

"We  know we can and will improve by really listening to the voice of children, focusing on getting the right services to support and protect them at the right time (and knowing how effective they are) and putting in place safe and effective systems to support front line staff to do their jobs well."

Dr Doug Simkiss, clinical lead for Birmingham Community Healthcare's children and families division said:
“As a partner organisation and member of the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board, BCHC welcomes the Ofsted report into the effectiveness of the board and the inspection of services for children in need of help and protection, looked after children and care leavers.

“The results are, of course, concerning and we are already aware of the challenges and need for ‘whole systems’ change. However, we are part of the implementation of the change and improvement process alongside other agencies in Birmingham and, as a key partner in the safeguarding and care of children in the city, we will continue to work hard to improve children’s services and maintain the progress we have already made together in recent months.

“I would like to put on record my thanks for the dedication and hard work shown by colleagues as we strive together to make the improvements necessary to keep the children of Birmingham  safe and supported and ensure their voices are heard.”

Click here to download a copy of the single inspection of Birmingham children's services and review of the BSCB from the Ofsted website.