Better Care

Pioneering teams 'pass it on' to colleagues!

Dozens of colleagues attended an event at Villa Park where pioneering teams who have begun making measurable improvements to the way they work as part of their 20-week, seven-step Listening into Action (LiA) journey took the opportunity to showcase their achievements and 'pass it on'.

Our LiA improvement programme offers a range of staff engagement opportunities - supporting colleagues to initiate, design and drive service improvements for the benefit of patients and service users as part of our journey to become 'Fit for 2022'.

Eleven pioneer teams presented their improvements to date and chatted to colleagues, 'passing on' the learning as we look to identify the next tranche of teams and services to embark on an LiA improvement journey of their own.

Colleagues in mindfulness workshop at LiA 'pass it on' event
Colleagues took part in a mindfulness workshop at the LiA 'pass it on' event.

Teams shared their achievements by applying the principles of LiA to improve the quality and safety of patient care, change our services and systems, or make the places we work in even better for colleagues.

Colleagues took the opportunity to wander through a marketplace of team stalls and fitness activities, following BCHC's LiA journey to date and exploring how their team might get involved and reap the benefits of the next phase of LiA improvement.

The event also included an ‘improvement zone’ – an opportunity for colleagues to explore and discuss their ideas for solving some of the things that 'get in their way' at work.

'Pass it on' event at Villa Park.
Colleagues who have already learnt from their LiA improvement journey took the opportunity to 'pass it on'.

The eleven LiA 'pioneer' teams are:

  • lymphoedema
  • BIrmingham special school nursing
  • Birmingham school nursing
  • Boldmere integrated multidisciplinary team (adult community services) 
  • pharmacy
  • paediatric dentistry
  • Sheldon (palliative care)
  • therapy inpatient (adult)
  • Riverside Lodge day services (LD)
  • RIverside Lodge community team (LD)
  • general anaesthetics (dental services)

Welcoming colleagues and guests to the event, chief executive RIchard Kirby said: "Thank you to all the teams who are our 'pioneers' in trying new ways of working for coming together to share what they’ve learned.

"We’ve set a very ambitious future vision and one of our key objectives in achieving that is to properly empower colleagues and teams to make their area a better place to work and therefore able to deliver better services for our patients.

"That ambition is absolutely at the heart of the work we're showcasing today.

"The aim is for colleagues to enjoy the opportunity to look at the great work that’s been done and to learn from each other. This is a celebration of work that’s been done as well as sharing great ideas to inform what we want to do next."